Michael Kabotie, Hopi Pueblo Painter and Jeweler

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Michael Kabotie (1942 – 2009) Lomawywesa

Hopi Pueblo artist Michael Kabotie learned the techniques of silversmithing by hanging around the Hopi Guild workshop founded by his dad.  He is known as a painter and jeweler and excelled at both.

Signature of Michael Kabotie (1942 – 2009) Lomawywesa

Michael Kabotie (1942 – 2009) Lomawywesa was the son of famed Hopi artist, Fred Kabotie.  Michael passed away at the early age of 67 years at the height of his fame.  He had attended Haskell Indian School in Lawrence, Kansas in 1961.  In the 1970s and 1980s, he was the spokesman for the Artist Hopid, a group of Hopi artists who worked together.  Other members of this group were Michael Kabotie, Terrance Talaswaima, Milland Lomakema, Delbridge Honanie and Neil David, Sr.

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