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Paqua Naha (1890-1955) Original Frog Woman

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Paqua Naha - Frog Woman hallmark signaturePaqua Naha was the original Frog Woman from Hopi Pueblo and the mother of Joy Navasie (also known as Frog Woman). She was born around 1890 and passed away in 1955. Paqua, which means Frog, signed her pottery with a frog hallmark. Her hallmark is distinguishable from her daughters because she used straight-lined feet (toes) and Joy uses webbed feet in her hallmark frog signature. She was an outstanding and well-respected potter throughout her entire productive life.

Paqua Naha, for most of her career, produced polychrome decorated wares on a yellow or cream slip. It was not until the last three years of her life that she developed the white ware that is so closely associated with the Frog Woman family of potters.


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