R. C. Gorman, Diné of the Navajo Nation Painter

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R. C. Gorman | Diné Navajo | Fine Art | Native American Paintings | lithograph | signatureR.C. Gorman was probably the most famous Diné - Navajo artist.  He was extremely talented and could execute a pastel drawing or painting that appeared to be effortless but was a masterpiece of technique.

Rudolph Carl Gorman (1932-2005) received a scholarship from the Navajo Nation in 1958 to study in Mexico at the University of the Americas. The strong influence of Mexican artists Tamayo, Rivera, and Zuniga is evident in his work. The classic simplicity of Zuniga's work is so apparent in the drawings of Navajo women by Gorman.

Gorman was charming, flamboyant, and fascinating. He had spent most of his adult life in Taos, New Mexico, where he lived and worked. 

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