Sadie Adams, Hopi Pueblo Pottery

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Sadie Adams Hallmark (Flowers)

Hopi Pueblo artist Sadie Adams was recognized by collectors and her contemporaries as an outstanding potter. She had a long, successful career making and selling pottery on the reservation and supported her family in this manner following the death of her husband. She supported her family solely from sales of her pottery, even sending her daughter to nursing school.

Sadie Adams (1905-1995) was a Hopi-Tewa of the Kachina and Parrot Clans and lived in the Tewa village at First Mesa on the Hopi Pueblo reservation in Arizona. Her Hopi name is Flower Girl (or Flower Woman) and she signed her pottery with a hallmark flower symbol. She usually signed her pieces using one of the following three flower hallmarks (see images above).

Sadie Adams was very versatile in the pottery she made-jars bowls, lamps, tiles, cookie jars, plates, cups, and saucers-that it is no wonder that she has such large collector enthusiasts today. She made something for everybody.

TAGS: Hopi Pueblo, Southwest Indian Pottery