Santana Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potter

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San Ildefonso Pueblo matriarch Maria Martinez's oldest son, Adam, and his wife Santana of San Ildefonso Pueblo were recognized potters even though they are mostly associated with having helped Maria with her pottery. They worked together making Black-on-black pottery their entire, long lives. Collaboration on pottery with their dual signatures has been seen for over 50 years. Santana painted designs on pottery and Adam assisted in firing pottery for Maria.

Santana Martinez came from a long line of talented painters and potters. Her grandmother, Dominguita Pino Martinez, was a famous potter and her brother, Awa Tsireh, was a famous painter. Santana often collaborated with her mother-in-law, Maria Martinez. When this happened, they would sign their creations as Maria & Santana.

Santana Roybal Martinez (1909-2002) is the granddaughter of Dominguita Pino Martinez and Santiago Martinez; daughter of Alfonsita Roybal and Juan Esteban Roybal; sister of Awa Tsireh, Lupita Roybal, Josephine Roybal, Manuelita Johnson Roybal and painter Raphael Roybal; Daughter-in-law of Maria and Julian Martinez; wife of Adam Martinez; mother of Marie Anita Martinez, Sunset Cruz, George Martinez, Frank Martinez, Edward Martinez, Julian Martinez (the younger) and Daisy Martinez.

Reference: Pueblo Indian Pottery: 750 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.

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