Teresita Chavez Romero (1894-1991)

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Teresita Chavez Romero (1894-1991) signatureTeresita Romero Cochiti Pueblo, Shipewe Clan, Turquoise Kiva. Teresita was best known for making large jars and storyteller-like figurines. She was active only from around 1910s to 1960s, so her pottery is rather difficult to find.

Her grandsons, Mateo Romero and Diego Romero, have continued in the tradition of the pueblo artisans, but in a more contemporary and expressive manner than the family tradition.

Examples of Teresita's pottery can be seen at the Museum of New Mexico, Laboratory of Anthropology in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Reference: Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2,000 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.