Tim Cordero, Cochiti-Hopi Pueblo Potter

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Artist Signature - Tim Cordero, Cochiti Pueblo PotterPottery figurines by Cochiti-Hopi artist Tim Cordero seem quite rare.  Pueblo potters have always drawn from the venerable traditions of the past, aware of pueblo rules governing those traditions, yet able to create and innovate to their own satisfaction. In doing so, those artists were drawing on history and yet expressing their own artistic talent and creativity.

This was certainly true for Cochiti Pueblo potter Helen Cordero (1915-1994). She taught her children and grandchildren how to make pottery figurines and explained the meanings behind each figurine style.

Artist alternate signature - Tim Cordero, Cochiti-Hopi Pueblo PotterTim Cordero (1963- ) is the son of the late Jimmy Cordero of Cochiti Pueblo and his Hopi wife Lenora Holmes. Tim started making pottery between 1979 and 1980, at the age of 16 or 17, while living at Cochiti Pueblo with his grandmother, Helen Cordero. Following Helen Cordero's death in 1994, Tim no longer visited Cochiti Pueblo and therefore no longer made storyteller figurines. Even when Helen was alive, he only visited in summers so his production during those few summers was rather limited. I do not believe there are many of his figurines in existence.

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