Trinidad Gachupin Medina SRA'EITI', Zia Pueblo Potter

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Artist Signature - Trinidad Gachupin Medina (1883/1884-1969) SRA'EITI'

Zia Pueblo artist Trinidad Medina is one name that arises most often when collectors discuss historic pottery. She was one of the greatest potters of that pueblo and was recognized as such during her lifetime. She was taken on cross-country tours to demonstrate her craft at several venues and she won many prizes at Santa Fe Indian Market for her entries.

Pottery made by Trinidad Gachupin Medina (1883/1884-1969) SRA'EITI' is cherished by collectors of historic pottery. Her sisters were Geronima Gachupin Median and Reyes Gachupin Moquino/Pino; wife of José de la Cruz Medina; mother of San Junanito Medina; grandmother of Rafael Medina, José del La Cruz Medina , Anita Candelaria, Lena Medina, Carolina Medina, Ernest Medina, Patrick Medina and Priscilla Medina.


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The Pottery of Zia Pueblo by Francis H. Harlow, et al.

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