Dora Tse-Pé and Tse-Pé Gonzales, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potters

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Artist' Signatures of Tse-Pé Gonzales (1940-1999) and Dora Tse-Pé (1939- ), San Ildefonso San Ildefonso PuebloTse-Pé was the son of Rose Cata Gonzales, who was originally from San Juan Pueblo (now Ohkay Owingeh). She married Robert Gonzales of San Ildefonso and spent her life there.

Tse-Pé Gonzales (1940-1999) married Dora Tse-Pé (1939- ), the daughter of Zia potter Candelaria Gachupin, and she moved to San Ildefonso where she still resides.

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