Allen Pooyouma, Hopi Pueblo Artisan

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Artist Hallmark signature of Allen Pooyouma, Hopi Pueblo ArtisanHopi Pueblo artist Allen Pooyouma began his silver work around 1937 and retired around 1970 making him one of the earliest Hopi silversmiths. He worked many of his professional years in Tucson with master goldsmith Morris Talawytewa Robinson and Ralph Tawangyaouma. Allen Pooyouma is known for silver ingot, hand wrought, heavy stampwork and twist wire jewelry set with high quality, natural turquoise.

Allen Pooyouma (1922-2014) signed with his hallmark, a stamped ear of corn, and with conjoined letters, HC.  Presented in this way, the HC refers to Hopi Crafts.  Formerly known as Hopi Enterprises, Hopi Crafts was started by brothers Wayne and Emory Sekaquaptewa operating on Second Mesa between 1962-1983—providing a further genesis and date range for these earrings (pg. 153, Hougart). 

Reference: The Little Book of Marks on Southwestern Silver, by Bille Hougart. 

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