Annabelle Nequatewa, Hopi Basket Maker

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Annabelle Nequatewa was born in 1931 at the village of Shungopavi. She has been making baskets since the 1950s and has been an award winner at several venues. She is featured prominently in Helga Teiwes book "Hopi Basket Weaving-Artistry in Natural Fibers". Teiwes said "Annabelle excels in making coiled plaques and deep baskets. On another occasion I photographed her working on a large basket that, when finished, measured twenty-two inches high and twenty-three inches wide. It had four Katsina faces, with four ears of corn between them. . . . One particularly large plaque amazed me, and she said that it took her a very long time to make it." [Teiwes,1996:91]

Reference: Teiwes, Helga. Hopi Basket Weaving-Artistry in Natural Fibers University of Arizona Press, Tucson 1996.

TAGS: Hopi Pueblo; Native American Baskets