Ascensiona (Aguilar) Pino, Zia Pueblo Potter

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Zia Pueblo artist Ascensiona Aguilar Pino was one of the pueblo pottery matriarchs. Since she produced before signing pottery became the norm and attributions could be made from her unique style and design elements. Attributions made to a specific potter based on comparisons with documented jars is an accepted practice, however, it cannot be considered a factual statement as it represents a best-guess scenario.

Ascensiona (Aguilar) Pino (ca. 1893-95 – 1963) was a daughter of Reyes Galvan (ca. 1860-61 - 1934) and Mariano Aguilar (1862-1895).  She married José Pino (1891-1976) in 1913.  They had nine children. 

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