Catherine (Katy) Aguilar Trujillo, Cochiti Pueblo Potter

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Artist Signature - Catherine (Katy) Aguilar Trujillo, Cochiti Pueblo Potter“Kathy Trujillo learned to make pottery as a child from her parents, and, until she moved to Cochiti and began making polychrome figures, she made black-on-black ware.  During the 1970s and 1980s, Kathy’s brothers, Alfred Aguilar and Jose V. Aguilar, Sr., were among the best and most famous of San Ildefonso’s figurative potters.  Her sisters, Florence Naranjo and Annie Martinez, also were potters, and in 1977, her daughter, Evon Trujillo, began making figures. [Babcock,1986:28-29]

Catherine (Katy) Aguilar Trujillo (b. 1931) was from San Ildefonso Pueblo.  She was the daughter of José Angeles Aguilar (1898-1965) & Rosalie Simbolo Aguilar (1898-1947) of San Ildefonso.  Katy married Gabe Yellowbird Trujillo of Cochiti and moved there.  She was a foster daughter-in-law of Helen Cordero.  She also was called Kathy.

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