Crucita Trujillo Cruz, San Juan Pueblo Pottery

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Artist Signature - Crucita Trujillo Cruz, Phe Povi, Flower StickArtist hallmark signature of Crucita Trujillo Cruz, San Juan Pueblo PotterIt appears that pottery by San Juan Pueblo artist Crucita Cruz is rare, as Schaaf, in his referenced book below, only indicates a single jar in the Laboratory of Anthropology collection and a single one in the School of American Research collection (Santa Fe, New Mexico), both of which are micaceous jars, not painted ones.

Crucita Trujillo Cruz (1886-1969Phe Povi (Flower Stick) was one of the original seven potters at the pueblo who investigated the historic wares and settled on a new style for a San Juan pottery revival.  [Schaaf, 2000:241] 

There is a similarity in appearance with this painted style to that of their neighboring Tewa-speaking Santa Clara Pueblo.

Reference: Schaaf, Gregory. Pueblo Indian Pottery 750 Artist Biographies

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