Dan Jackson, Diné of the Navajo Nation Jeweler

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Artist Signature of Dan Jackson, Diné of the Navajo Nation JewelerDiné of the Navajo Nation artist Dan Jackson is known for using Navajo rug patterns on many of his pieces. Dan Jackson takes specific care to create pieces of jewelry that are solid and will endure the test of time. He prides himself on making solid pieces of jewelry that will last and often includes a small defect in the patterns of his work to distinguish it as hand-made and his own. He has been making traditional and contemporary jewelry since the early 1960s.

Dan Jackson was born in 1944 at Jeddito, Arizona. He is a Diné of the Towering House Clan. He is the son of John Nez Begay and Bernice Charlie. He learned silversmithing from his dad who worked with silver until age 65. Jackson's mother was a weaver, and he bases many of his designs on Navajo textiles.

He has been an award winner at Santa Fe Indian Market, New Mexico State Fair, Shiprock Fair, Navajo Nation Fair, and Gallup Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial. He stamps his jewelry with his surname set in a symbol of a hogan.

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