David Dawangyumptewa, Hopi, Navajo Artist

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David Dawangyumptewa (1957-present) signatureHopi - Navajo artist David Dawangyumptewa accomplishments are impressive. Exhibits of his art and publications on his career are much too extensive to list in this forum. It is impressive to note that he was given a solo exhibition at the Wheelwright Museum in Santa Fe.

David Dawangyumptewa (1957-present) has had an extensive art education, starting with studies at the American Federation of Arts, then the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, Haskell Indian Junior College in Lawrence, Kansas; received an Associates of Fine Arts from the University of Northern Arizona in 1983 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts also from Northern Arizona in 1986, and finally, studies at the Northern Arizona Institute of Technology in 1989-1990.

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