Delbridge Honanie (1946- ) Coochsiwukioma – Falling White Snow

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Pictrue of Delbridge Honanie - Hopi PuebloDelbridge Honanie, Hopi Pueblo, (1946-present) Coochsiwukioma – Falling White Snow was born in 1946 in Winslow, Arizona.  He grew up at the Second Mesa village of Shungopavi.  He went to the Phoenix Indian Day School in the 1960s and then to the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) in Santa Fe where he studied under the tutelage of Otellie Loloma from which he graduated in 1970.  He is Bear Clan and was initiated into the Men’s Society where he received his Hopi name, Coochsiwukioma which means Falling White Snow.  Honanie was named an Arizona Indian Living Treasure in 2006.


Honanie was a founding member of Artist Hopid, a group of five Hopi artists who banded to work to educate the public to the values and identity of the Hopi people through various art media.  Other members of Artist Hopid were Terrance Talaswaima, Milland Lomakema, Michael Kabotie and Neil David, Sr.  The artists of this group are best known for paintings using vibrant colors inspired by murals from Hopi prehistoric sites.


Artist Signature: Delbridge Honanie (1946- ) Coochsiwukioma – Falling White Snow

In addition to paintings, Honanie also carves Katsina sculptures from cottonwood root.


Recommended Reading: Hopi Painting: The World of the Hopis by Patricia Janis Broder.  A Brandywine Press Book, NY 1978.

Photo reference: Hopi Katsina: 1,600 Artist Biographies by Gregory and Angie Schaaf.  Photo courtesy of Gregory Schaaf.

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Delbridge Honanie (1946-present) Coochsiwukioma - signature