Ed Nequatewa Jr., Hopi Pueblo Painter

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Artist Signature - Ed Nequatewa Jr. of Hopi PuebloHopi Pueblo artist Ed Nequatewa Jr. is among the earlier Hopi Pueblo painters.

Edmund Nequatewa Jr., or “Eddie,” was a Hopi carver and painter who resided in Hotevilla.  He is the son of Edmund Nequatewa, author of “Truth of the Hopi” and subject of “Born a Chief.”  According to another Hopi artist, Edmund Jr. is still alive and lives with his family at Shungopavi.

His works are included in the collections of the Southwest Museum and the University of Oklahoma Museum of Art.  Nequatewa exhibited at Tulsa’s Third Annual American Indian Week in 1938, as well as a travelling European exhibit organized by the University of Oklahoma.

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