Emily Quanimptewa, Hopi Third Mesa Basket Maker

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Emily Quanimptewa: Weaving Traditions in Shungopavi, Hopi Pueblo

Hailing from the Third Mesa village of Shungopavi in the Hopi Pueblo, Arizona, Emily Quanimptewa has been a beacon in the world of basketry since the 1950s. Her hands have been tirelessly weaving stories and traditions into her creations, making each basket a testament to her skill and the rich cultural heritage of her community.

Despite the limited biographical information available in published references, it is known that Emily shares a familial bond with Joyce Saufkie, another master of the craft. This connection not only highlights a strong lineage of basket-making expertise in their family but also enriches the narrative of Emily's artistic journey. The legacy of Emily and her sister Joyce continues to inspire and influence the world of basketry, making them enduring figures in this traditional art form.