Gary Yazzie, Diné Artist

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Artist Signature of Gary D. Yazzie, Diné Artist

Award winning artist Gary Yazzie is a Diné of the Navajo Nation painter who lives in New Mexico.  Yazzie was born in Phoenix, Arizona, to Diné parents.  He grew up in Arizona and New Mexico before moving to Oklahoma to study building construction at Oklahoma State Tech.  In 1977, he enrolled at the American Academy of Art in Chicago.  There, he studied oil painting and figure drawing.  He completed his education in 1980 and has been a working artist ever since. 

Gary D. Yazzie (1946- ) has exhibited widely and received many notable accolades for his work.  According to his artist statement, he is a “representational painter with an emphasis on the horse and Southwestern subjects.”  His work here is gentle and attractive, and his chosen color palette is unique and appealing.  He signs his works as G. Yazzie.

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