Gibson Nez, Apache Jeweler

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The work of Gibson Nez is instantly recognizable. His dedication to precision and beauty is unique among modern jewelers. He was known as the "master of stamp work" for his intricate lines set closely together to create a feather-like effect.

Gibson Nez (1947-2007) spent time as a heavy equipment operator and as a rodeo bronc rider. During his lifetime he won over 700 awards for his amazing jewelry. Each piece Gibson made was a work of art. He said he would rather make one great piece than many mediocre pieces. His work is characterized by the marriage of stunning metals and stones, focusing on bringing out the natural beauty of the materials.

Nez was born on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in northern New Mexico.  He identifies as Diné of the Navajo Nation / Apache (his mother was Jicarilla Apache).  His brother is AL Nez.

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