Gomeo Bobelu, Zuni Artist

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Gomeo Bobelu (b. 1964) attended Riverside Indian School in Anadarko, Oklahoma. He lives in Santa Fe and Zuni Pueblo, and is affiliated with SWAIA. He states "My life as a silversmith is challenging because I am experimenting with traditional techniques of brazing, forging and lapidary to create two-dimensional wearable adornments. My inspirations are Rene Lalique, Edward Beyuka and Lambert Homer. I love the use of turquoise, shell, fossilized ivory, ironwood and other natural stones to create color schemes from the 1900s." [Schaaf,2012:111]

Reference: Schaaf, Gregory. American Indian Jewelry II: A-L 1,800 Artist Biographies, 2012.

TAGS: Zuni PuebloSouthwest Indian Jewelry