Jeffrey Lunge (1905 - 1993)

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Jeffrey Lunge (1905 - 1993) signatureJeffrey Lunge (1905 - 1993) was one of the many European artists who was drawn to the rich culture and incredible natural beauty of the Southwest.  Originally from England, Lunge’s family lived in Canada and then Southern California. He took an interest in art at an early age and developed into a skilled watercolorist during his formative years.  His primary interest was in creating landscapes.

Lunge was introduced to the Southwest by anthropologist (and future Museum of Northern Arizona director) Edward B. Danson, who brought the artist to Arizona’s Hopi and Navajo reservations.  In 1968, after fulfilling his professional obligations in California, he moved to Arizona and devoted his time and energy to creating beautiful depictions of the Southwest and its peoples. His works that feature Hopi and Navajo cultural and religious rituals are particularly effective because they feel incredibly sensitive.  His affection and respect for these ceremonies is apparent in his paintings. He painted until 1985, when his failing eyesight forced him to stop painting. Lunge passed away in 1993.