Jody Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery

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Jody Naranjo is one of the most innovative and talented contemporary Santa Clara Pueblo potters today. She began potting at the age of 8 years and began winning prizes as a teenager. Her work incorporates a mixture of traditional materials and methods with individual creative elements. Each piece is unique.

From Native Wiki: 

Jody Naranjo (b. May 24, 1969 Santa Fe, New Mexico) (Santa Clara Pueblo), daughter of Dolly Naranjo, makes use of traditional pottery methods to provide the pot forms on which she places designs that are carved, etched and painted upon the surface of the clay. She is successful in blending traditional and contemporary art forms by carving contemporary images onto traditionally made pottery. Jody etches whimsical designs with an Exacto knife into the clay surface of her pots. "I try not to take myself too seriously. . . I use a lot more humor than most potters."

Recognized world-wide as New Mexico's premier contemporary pottery artist, Naranjo commands a distinctive presence in the Native Arts idiom. Born into one of the most renowned pottery-crafting families in Southwest history - she still uses the polishing stones handed down from her famed grandmother, Rose.

Masterfully executed with unequaled precision, her motifs and styling emerge from the pottery with their own signature verve - born from centuries-old techniques and tradition, actually re-defined by the groundbreaking artist. Naranjo, herself, continues to dig and process the clay from the land of her native Santa Clara Pueblo. Never using a wheel or kiln, the artist is overwhelmingly acknowledged as a true master of the art form, skillfully adhering to the traditional coil method and pit firing process perfected by her ancestors.

From a humble beginning selling under Santa Fe's famed portal, to superstar ranking at the top of international collectors' lists, Naranjo has earned a list of top awards - several pages-long - at the nation's leading venues, including the most coveted "Best of Show" award, Eiteljorg Museum Indian Market, and literal scores of "1st Place", "Best of Division", and "Best of Class" awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market, Eiteljorg Museum, and the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair and Market.

Naranjo's work has earned placement in the most important permanent and private collections in the world, including the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture; and the Smithsonian, Heard, Panhandle-Plains, and Eiteljorg Museums. The world-renowned artist was honored during her landmark appearance in Rhode Island on May 17, 2007 by Providence Mayor David Cicilline when he issued an Official Proclamation marking the occassion as "Jody Naranjo Day."

Jody is the granddaughter of Rose Naranjo, niece of Dr. Rina Swentzell, Dr. Tessie Naranjo, Professor Tito Naranjo, sculptors Michael Naranjo and Nora Naranjo-Morse and potters Jody Folwell and Edna Romero. She is the cousin of sculptor Roxanne Swentzell and potters Susan Folwell, Polly Rose Folwell, Dusty Naranjo and Forrest Naranjo.

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