Joe Secakuku, Hopi Pueblo Carver

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Artist Joseph Secakuku was a Hopi Pueblo Indian from Shipaulovi, Second Mesa. He was a trader and Katsina Doll carver.

Joe Secakuku opened his first trading post at Canyon Diablo (now Two Guns, Arizona) by 1926. He later moved his store to Holbrook, and with his brother Hale opened two large stores at Second Mesa. He also had a store in Winslow, Arizona.

Secakuku was chief of the Snake Society. In the 1960's he retired from the trading business when he became chief of Shipaulovi's Bear Clan.

Secakuku was in his 80's when he died of cancer in 1969.

Source: From the guide to the Chief Joseph Secakuku Collection, 1922-1974 (bulk 1922-1937), (University of New Mexico. Center for Southwest Research.) SNAC website.

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