John Lucio, Zuni Pueblo Jeweler

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Artist signature of John Lucio (1919-ca.1990s) of Zuni PuebloZuni Pueblo artisan John Lucio is known for his originality and technical skill at channel inlay jewelry. Each of his examples is a remarkable feat of ingenuity and creativity with distinct channel inlay technique and precise silver work. John Lucio started making jewelry in the 1950's working as an apprentice to several of the older masters at Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico. He soon became a leader of the art form with his work becoming very collectable.

When looking at other published examples of Lucio's work, it becomes clear that Eagle Dancers were a preferred subject, and the artist's experience is always evident in his creations. Examples are not always signed but are easily attributed to John Lucio.

John Lucio (1919-ca.1990s) was a resident of Zuni Pueblo who specialized in intricate channel inlay Eagle Dancer jewelry; however, his career was as a Zuni firefighter with the U. S. Forest Service. Starting in the 1950s, he worked as a lapidary artist and silversmith when not involved in firefighting. He was represented in the C. G. Wallace Collection. Wallace attributed pieces to him made as early as 1935.

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