Julian Lovato (1922- )

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Julian Lovato (1922- ) signature hallmarkJulian Lovato’s parents were both expert jewelers who made traditional Kewa hieshe jewelry. He learned to make traditional style Kewa jewelry from them, and then went on to learn new methods of making jewelry, including working with silver. As a young man, Lovato trained at Frank Patania’s Thunderbird Studio in Santa Fe where he worked with the first generation of modern Native American silversmiths. His work reflects the clean, modern lines of Patania’s European influence. Lovato continued to use the Patania Studio thunderbird hallmark even after he left the studio. Julian Lovato is one of the most innovative and talented Native American jewelers of the late 20th Century.

Reference and Recommended Reading: North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment from Prehistory to Present by Lois Dubin