Lawsaiyateseta Lonkeena (1881-1958)

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To quote from Harlow and Lanmon:

“Lawsaiyatesetsa (or Kaiyutsalugtetsa) Lonkeena (ca. 1881-1958), the woman referred to by many at Zuni as Mrs. Lonkeena is pictured (p509).  She was recorded in the 1916 Pueblo census as Isie Kaiyutsalugtetsa (born 1881), wife of Longkeena (born 1866). Her parents were identified as Nashe (born 1851) and Layawtsalugtetsa (born 1853).  Similar information is also recorded in the 1920, 1924, 1930, and 1934 censuses, but Lonkeena’s wife’s name is there given as Laysaiyatesetsa. Lonkeena was the brother of the potter Lawatsa Paylusi.”

Reference: Lanmon, Dwight P. and Francis H. Harlow. The Pottery of Zuni Pueblo, 2008.