Maria Antonio Chino, Acoma Pueblo Potter - Attribution

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Acoma Pueblo artist Maria (Antonio) Chino is known for certain unique design elements on her pottery. It is very rare to attribute historic pottery to any single potter, but in this case, there is documented evidence.

Maria (Antonio) Chino was born circa 1835 and died before 1930.  She was listed in the 1910 federal census.  She was not listed in the 1930 census but had been listed as a potter in a 1929 Indian Agency report. 

In their book, The Pottery of Acoma Pueblo, Harlow and Lanmon attribute several pottery designs as examples of Maria (Antonio) Chino, circa 1910-1920.

Reference: Lanmon, Dwight P. and Francis H. Harlow. The Pottery of Acoma Pueblo, Museum of New Mexico Press, 2013:217, Fig 4a-b.

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