Mary Talachy Gutierrez, Pojoaque Pueblo Potter

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Artist Signature - Mary Talachy Gutierrez, Pojoaque Pueblo Potter

Pojoaque Pueblo artist Mary Gutierrez uses a variety of clay pigments to render a unique pigment color of liquid clay slip on her pottery.  She then paints symmetrical designs consisting of flora and fauna oftentimes set in geometric patterns.  The result is quite stunning and why her pottery is collectible and desirable.

Mary Gutierrez (1941-2018) was a member of the Talachy family of Pojoaque Pueblo.  One would assume that she was related to Minnie Vigil and Lois Gutierrez because their style of pottery is similar in shape, design, and finish, but there is no published connection between them.  There is a Mary T. Gutierrez of Pojoaque listed in Schaaf, but there are no family connections associated with her.

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