McCoy Secatero, Navajo Artist

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Artist Signature - McCoy Secatero, Diné ArtistDiné watercolor artist McCoy Secatero was from the Navajo Nation.  His paintings are quite rare and thus collectible and were done in what is now known and the Indian School Style. 

Very little information about McCoy Secatero is available.  His name is listed in Jeanne Snodgrass’ “American Indian Painters: A Biographical Directory” in conjunction with a 1958-1959 exhibition at the Museum of New Mexico.  That exhibition—their “Contemporary Indian Artists Annual Exhibition”, most likely—was where some of his paintings originally sold, alongside works by other Indian School students.   It can be assumed that Secatero did not pursue a career in the arts. 

He signed his paintings M.Y. Secatero.