Megan E. Duwyenie, Santa Clara Pueblo Painter

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Megan E. Duwyenie - artist signature.Award winning artist Megan Duwyenie is from Santa Clara Pueblo (her mother's Pueblo). Her natural artistic abilities make her interesting paintings collectible.

Megan E. Duwyenie is the daughter of Preston Duwyenie, a Hopi Potter whose well-crafted works often feature silver medallions. Preston taught ceramics for many years at Santa Fe's Institute of American Indian Art and is married to Santa Clara potter Debra Duwyenie.

If we must assign an origin in this instance, we choose the mother's pueblo of Santa Clara (as opposed to the father being from Hopi Pueblo). This is because most (not all) of the pueblos are traditionally both matriarchal and matrilineal lineages and clans with egalitarian roles in community, and no sense of superiority or inferiority based on sex or gender. The definition of Matriarchal is a family, society, community, or state governed by women. a form of social organization in which the mother is head of the family, and in which descent is reckoned in the female line, the children belonging to the mother's clan; matriarchal system. Matrilineal means that it is based on kinship with the mother or the female line.

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