Morris Rippel, Western Artist

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Signature of Morris Rippel (1930-2009) Western Artist, National Academy of Western Art member

Morris Rippel decided to try his hand at fine art painting and took two paintings to a gallery in Santa Fe, which sold them immediately. This was his start as a painter and he worked mostly in tempera and watercolor, focusing on architecture and landscapes.

Morris Rippel lived his whole life in Albuquerque, New Mexico, except for his service in the Korean War. He attended the University of New Mexico, from which he earned a degree in architecture, a career he practiced for 15 years.

Morris Rippel (1930-2009) accomplished much during his career and received many awards, including the Prix de West - National Academy of Western Arts (NAWA) award and a solo exhibition at Tulsa, Oklahoma's Gilcrease Museum. He exhibited internationally and placed pieces in the collections of many prominent museums. He sometimes would add the NAWA acronym beneath his signature.  

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