Myron Denetclaw, Diné of the Navajo Nation Painter

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Myron Denetclaw (2000 - ) signatureAward-winning artist Myron Denetclaw is a Diné of the Navajo Nation Painter. He is self-taught artist. His interest in the traditional teachings and respect for the Navajo culture inspires him to learn the significance of their ceremonies.

Denetclaw was born on September 5, 1999 in Shiprock, New Mexico. He resides in Shiprock with his parents, Milford and Mamie Denetclaw and brother Matthew. His maternal clan is Táchiiníí and his paternal clan is Hooghanłání.

Denetclaw developed his painting ability slowly through trial and error by practice of drawing.  He holds in particular esteem the naturalism of Bob Ross’ work which is a significant force characterized by an ongoing determination to produce beautifully rendered gouache and acrylic paintings with a specific emphasis on Yeíí, the Diné Deities. Denetclaw’s interest in the elegance of the spiritual world finds expression within his figurative subjects, the intimacy of which invites us to reflect freely upon their narrative content.  He paints in the style of the early Navajo painters Harrison Begay and Beatien Yazz.  There are not many young Navajo artists today who paint in this style.  His work is clearly influenced by his predecessors, while expanding on their style in a way that only a young artist would.  We are very impressed by this emerging artist's work, and are excited to be able to share it with our clients.

Denetclaw’s interest in the traditional teachings and respect for the Navajo culture inspires him to learn the significance of the winter 9 night Yeíí ceremony.  He believes by painting his interpretation of the ceremony, he will help preserve the tradition for future generations. 

Denetclaw was invited by local Navajo artists: James King, Keno Zahney, and Eugene Joe to paint his rendition of the Yeíí-Bi-Cheí mural on the Arts and Crafts building at the 2011 Northern Navajo Fair but now long gone. 

Myron Denetclaw with Alexander Anthony at Adobe GallerySince 2012, Denetclaw exhibited his paintings at several student art shows and has been recognized for his work garnering First Place or Best of Show.  These awards are too numerous to list here.   

Denetclaw’s art work that placed at Reunion of the Masters Art Show won matching funds for the school’s art program for Atsá Bi Yáázh Elementary School and Northwest High School 4th – 10th grades.

He was featured in the Shiprock Historical Society Magazine as an upcoming artist in October 2012.

We have hosted Myron as an artist of note in the past five years. He visited Santa Fe every October for the annual Canyon Road Paint & Sculpt Out. Each year, he graced us with his presence, setting up his easel right in front of our gallery and demonstrating his exceptional artistry and painting style. With each brushstroke, he mesmerized onlookers, showcasing his unique painting style and sharing his cultural heritage through his art.

Denetclaw is a college graduate in fine arts with an emphasis on studio arts.

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Myron Denetclaw (2000 - ) painting in front of Adobe Gallery during the Canyon Road Paint Out.