Pat Harrison, Southwest Painter

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Artist Signature of Pat Harrison, Southwest PainterArtist Pat Harrison has a recognizable style that evolved over time. She began with watercolor and has more recently been experimenting with a very limited palette of oil paints. From landscapes to burros, Pat Harrison is continually inspired by her Southwestern surroundings and has found infinite ways to express this in paint.

Pat Harrison (1941- ), a native of the Southwest, studied fine arts and architecture at Texas Tech University and was awarded her Fine Arts degree in 1967. Harrison's career very much reflects her love of both architecture and creating, for she has spent time working with many institutions creating large scale art and murals for a variety of spaces including passive solar adobe homes, hospitals, city fairs, schools and so much more.

From 1969 to 1977, Pat Harrison was a partner in Galeria del Sol, an Old Town Gallery in Albuquerque with Jane Mabry, Carol McIlroy, and Betty Sabo.

TAGS: Western Art; Albuquerque; Carol McIlroy, Betty Sabo