Rainy Naha, Hopi Pueblo Pottery

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Rainy Naha (b.1965) feather hallmark signature

Hopi Pueblo artist Rainy Naha is an accomplished potter producing astounding works.  Her creations are generally made in the traditional white pottery with polychrome pigments.  This is in following traditions and preferences of the Frog Woman and Feather Woman styles.

Rainell Naha (1949- ) Featherwoman Rainy is a daughter of Helen Naha (the first Featherwoman) and the granddaughter of Paqua Naha (the first Frogwoman). Her siblings are Burel, Sylvia, and Rechenda.

She signs her pottery with the traditional feather hallmark used by her mom and then adds her first name.  Hallmark Image: Adobe Gallery

Reference: Hopi-Tewa Pottery: 500 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.