Richard Greeves, Western Artist

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Signature of Richard Greeves, Western Artist"Richard Greeves often says his destiny as an artist was shaped by a trip he took when he was fifteen years old. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, he traveled to Fort Washakie to the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. It was a brief respite from school, but the journey—and his time spent with an Indian family—left an indelible impression on Greeves.

"He returned to his school to finish school, but he knew the Wind River Reservation had stolen his heart. Several years later, he returned there, and for more than three decades has made his home among the North American Plains Indians on the reservation. In that time he has forged out of the whole cloth of Native America an unique lifestyle centered around his artistic capabilities. "There is a magic, a mysticism for me here that I really can't explain. I just feel it,'" Greeves said.

"Deriving a strong background of artistic craftsmanship from his Italian heritage, he portrays through sculpture the character and spiritual essence of the people and animals of his chosen homeland.

"Greeves says his mission in any sculpture is to tell a story, to communicate what he holds important. He says, "In my work, I'm just trying in my meager way to bridge this civilization with ones that come after us."

"Self taught as an artist, he first painted historic documentary-style scenes of Indian life. Then he turned to sculpture. Although his favorite subject is the Indian, he also depicts the trapper, trader, and cowboy of bygone eras.


Contemporary Western Artists by Peggy and Harold Samuels, 1982, Judd's Inc., Washington, D.C. "

- Thomas Nygard Gallery

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