Seferina Bell, Zia Pueblo Potter

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Artist Signature: Seferina Bell (1920-1986) Mayasits’a

Seferina Bell, from Zia Pueblo, was born in 1920 and could have been an accomplished potter by the end of the 1930s at an age of 20 years. She apparently started signing her pottery in the 1940s. Seferina Bell is recognized as one of the finest Zia potters of the mid-20th century. She made beautiful ollas, bowls and unique canteens. Her shapes are graceful. Seferina Bell's pottery-making techniques are refined. Best of all, she was an excellent painter. Her talent comes out in her delicate details.

Seferina Bell (1920-1986) Mayasits'a was the daughter of Joe Pino and Ascenciona Galvan Pino; sister of Katherine Pino, Laura Pino, Tomasita Pino, and Filamino Pino; mother of Ruby Panana, Eleanor Griego, and Reyes Pino.

Reference: Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2,000 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.

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