Terrance Talaswaima, Hopi Pueblo Painter

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Artist signature of Terrance Talaswaima (1939-1988) Honvantewa of Hopi PuebloTerrance Talaswaima (1939-1988) Honvantewa was a founding member of Artist Hopid in 1973.  His Hopi name, Honvantewa, translates to Bear Making Tracks.  He was from the village of Shungopavi on the Hopi Reservation.  He attended school at the Hopi High School, and then attended the University of Arizona and the University of Northern Arizona.  He was a Museum director, composer, lecturer, storyteller, Katsina doll carver, and a painter. 

The artist stated "What I am trying to do with my art right now...my first responsibility... is to teach people the values of Hopi traditions.  I'm into documenting every aspect of Hopi life."

Artist Hopid was a subsidiary of the Hopi Arts Crafts Cooperative Guild.  It was founded May 18, 1973 by Doochsiwukioma (Delbridge Honanie), Dawakema (Milland Lomakema), Lomawyewesa (Michael Kabotie), Honvantewa (Terrance Talaswaima) and Neil David Sr., who had lived on the Hopi Pueblo Mesas most of their lives.  By the 1990s, the artists were no longer working as a group.

Reference: Hopi Katsina: 1,600 Artist Biographies by Gregory and Angie Yan Schaaf.

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