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Tomacito Vigil (c.1923-) Po-qui-Tsireh

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Artist Signature - Tomacito Vigil (c.1923-) Po-qui-Tsireh

Identity of early 20th-century Native artists is not always documented in the standard reference books but sometime can be uncovered in more unusual places.  There is no mention of Tomacito Vigil (c.1923-) Po-qui-Tsireh of San Ildefonso Pueblo in any of the published books on Native artists that we have consulted, however, his name appears in a PhD Dissertation to the University of Texas, Austin, in 2011.  It is simply a line entry with his name and that he attended the Santa Fe Indian School in 1936-37.

It is doubtful that this student pursued art as a career following his two years at the Santa Fe Indian School.  Had he done so, he would be documented in several publications.  The only example of his work was certainly one of his few early paintings, having been completed when he was only 13 years old.