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Historic Acoma Black on White design Jar with Ladle Wear Pattern - C4068W

Category: Pottery | Posted by Adobe Gallery Team Member | Tue, Jul 17th 2018, 6:22pm


Historic Zuni Pueblo Pottery - C4068WThere are mixed reactions among collectors, some of whom desire pristine pottery that does not show it was ever used and others who look seriously for pottery that shows it was used at the pueblo prior to appearing on the market for sale.  Fortunately there are both types available to satisfy both preferences.

This Acoma Pueblo jar has significant wear to the area of the rim, evidence of many years of use as a water jar, with the handle of a ladle wearing away the painted surface and some of the clay body around the rim.  Further evidence of use as a water jar is the white calcium residue on the interior of the jar and also on the exterior from water evaporation through the porous clay.  This is very desirable from an historic pottery perspective.

The mid-body design consists of a chain of bold black elements that float beautifully around the body.  One element consists of a square containing a clover-like blossom surrounded by parallel black lines. Another element is lighter in presentation and is a kite-like element surrounded by leaves with black dots.  Over and under these alternating mid-body designs are split black diamond and triangle boxes filling the space voids. The overall result is a strong and impressive design that elevates the jar to a pleasing object of art.



Historic Acoma Pueblo Pottery - C4068W




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