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Historic Acoma Pueblo Black on White Tularosa Design Jar - C4068S

Category: Pottery | Posted by Adobe Gallery Team Member | Fri, Jun 29th 2018, 3:02pm


Historic Acoma Pueblo Pottery - C4068SAlthough this is a 20th century Acoma Pueblo jar, it is decorated with what has been designated as "Tularosa Black-on-white." Acoma potters were impressed with prehistoric pottery designs and began reintroducing them in the early twentieth century.

Typology names used on pottery found in the Southwest were established at a conference of archaeologists held at Gila Pueblo in Arizona in 1930.  "There, scholars worked out a system of nomenclature for classifying the ceramic types they were finding in the Southwest. The system enabled them to classify broken pieces of pottery, or sherds, and whole vessels.  Based on designations for various kinds of prehistoric pottery, the system is used for historic pottery as well.






Historic Acoma Pueblo Pottery - C4068S







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