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Rare and Remarkable Katsina Dolls

Category: Kachina - Katsina | Posted by Todd | Fri, Feb 2nd 2018, 3:54pm

Katsina dolls—colorful, elaborately decorated cottonwood carvings of Native American spirit beings—are more than beautiful works of art.  They are educational tools created to teach young Hopi Indian women about their religion.  By studying and collecting authentic Katsina dolls, outsiders are allowed and encouraged to learn about the rich cosmology of the Hopi people.

Adobe Gallery’s new exhibit “Rare and Remarkable Katsina Dolls” will open February 2, 2018 with reception from 5-7 pm.  “Rare and Remarkable Katsina Dolls” will feature authentic Hopi Katsina dolls, the majority of which were completed in the traditional style.  The exhibit, which will also include contemporary Hopi pieces and a select few pieces from Zuni Pueblo, will continue through March 2018.  Click here to see the show now.


Gregory Schaaf stopped in to see our Special Exhbit opening on February 2, 2018. 

Greg is holding his book: Hopi Katsina-1,600 Artist Biographies by Gregory and Angie Schaaf.

AL Anthony and Gregory Schaaf talk Katsinas