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Subject: Hopi Kuwan Heheya (Colorful Heheya) Katsina Doll

Category: Kachina - Katsina | Posted by Al Anthony | Mon, Dec 8th 2014, 9:25am

This Kuwan Heheya Katsina Doll, also known as a Colorful Heheya Doll, hails from the Hopi Pueblo and is a prominent component of the Pueblo’s group dances. Often chosen for the Niman Kachina on First Mesa, these dolls are accompanied by Kachin Manas who dance in a separate line, rasp and kneel during certain points of the rain-invoking ceremonies. The Kuwan Heheya and the Hemis Kachina are tasked with asking the supernaturals to bring rain to their partly matured crops. Two side dancers also usually accompany the Kuwan Heheya: the Uncle and the Youth.

This particular carving likely dates back to the 1960s and is in very good condition for its age. The item from the right hand is missing and the right arm has been broken and glued at the bicep. This piece comes from the collection of an Oregon family to whom we sold the doll in 1994.

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Subject: Hopi Kuwan Heheya (Colorful Heheya) Katsina Doll

Carver: Unknown

Category: Traditional

Origin: Hopi Pueblo

Medium: wood, paint, yarn, feathers, string

Size: 9-1/4” tall