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Tapestry Weave Two Grey Hills Navajo Textile by Rachel Curle - C3860E

Category: Other Art Objects | Posted by Adobe Gallery Team Member | Wed, Dec 21st 2016, 2:02pm

Rachel Curle Navajo Rug C3860ETapestries from Two Grey Hills on the Navajo Reservation are celebrated as the finest textiles woven on the reservation.  Weavers at Two Grey Hills use wool from their own stock of sheep, they clean the wool, card it into yarn, and then card mixtures of brown, white and black wool together to achieve the colors and shades the weaver wishes to use.  For instance, the grey seen in these tapestries is carded from white and black wool, and shades of brown are achieved by carding white and brown wool in various mixtures.  Typically, there is no dye used in Two Grey Hills rugs.  Only occasionally do weavers over-dye black wool to achieve a darker black. 


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