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Zuni Pueblo Mukikwe Okya - Hopi Harvest Kachina Girl - C3535.59

Category: Kachina - Katsina | Posted by Adobe Gallery Team Member | Mon, Jul 30th 2018, 4:13pm


Katsina Kachina Doll - C3535.59This Zuni Pueblo Katsina is a female and is referred to under several names, depending on the function and ceremony. She is known as Kokwele, the Grinding MaidenKokwele, The Kachina Girl; and Mukikwe Okya, the Hopi Harvest Kachina Girl.

This katsina doll represents the third of the above katsinas; that is, she is Mukikwe Okya, the Hopi Harvest Kachina Girl. Her name derives from a Zuni dance called Mukikwe, which has been acknowledged as having derived from the Hopi, therefore it is sometimes called the Hopi Harvest Dance and she the Hopi Harvest Kachina Girl.

The Mukikwe Dance is performed indoors at night in the winter. The female Mukikwe Okya is dressed entirely in Zuni fashion except for the hair style, which is worn in Hopi butterfly whorls.

This doll exemplifies the finest of Zuni katsina dolls. She is beautifully dressed in handmade clothing of the finest detail. Layer upon layer of handmade clothing adorns the doll. Her hair is up in the Hopi maiden style worn by this katsina.



Katsina - Kachina Doll C3535.59




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