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Desert Atonements

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Arthur Wendel
  • Subject: Mexican Arts & Culture
  • Item # B4
  • Date Published: 1984 - 1st ed edition
  • Size: 207 Pages
  • Price: $15.00

Desert Atonements by Arthur Wendel

Autographed by author on September 22, 1986.

Adams-Kougar Enterprise, Publishers.

A wonderful collection of stories about the Greater Southwest.  Check out the titles of the articles below to get an idea of the subject matter, which is quite comprehensive.  A good book to curl up with during the winter.

From the Table of Contents:

Desert Atonements

  • Pedro's Trek Through The Wilderness
  • A Bit of Rustic Surgery
  • The Convalescence
  • Time Out For Contemplation
  • The Evacuation To San Luis De Gasperos
  • A Hostile Welcome In Town
  • Pedro's Apprenticeship As A Lay Assistant (And Mine Boss)
  • A Moment Of Truth For Don Julio
  • A Shy Courtship
  • Father Martin's Church Gets Its Bell And Organ
  • Late Evening Solilouguies
  • Pedro Starts Back To His Old Home
  • Patricio Leaves On An Educational Tour
  • The Revival Of Work At The Dios El Padre Mine
  • The Second Invasion
  • Padre Martin's First Visit To The Mine Camp
  • The Quest Within The "Drunkard's" Tunnel
  • Josefina's Visit
  • New Problems Of The Monterrega Family
  • A Successful, Somber Search
  • Some Interesting Messages
  • The Success Of Patricio's Gambling System
  • The Atonement Of An Innocent
  • The Padre Brings Sad News
  • The Trial Of The Cross
  • The "End" Of The Cross
  • Father Martin Loses One Church But Gains Another
  • Josefina's Revolt
  • Josefina's (And Pedro's) Marriage
  • Pedro As A Prospector And Josefina As A Mother
  • A Financial Disaster Brings Solace To Adelina And Julio
  • Father Martin Reconquers His Little Kingdom
  • The Posthumous Life Of Sister Celestina (Maria Louisa Silva Monterraga)
  • Epilogue: The Dios El Padres Ghost Camp
Arthur Wendel
  • Subject: Mexican Arts & Culture
  • Item # B4
  • Date Published: 1984 - 1st ed edition
  • Size: 207 Pages
  • Price: $15.00

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