Fred Kabotie (1900-1986)

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Fred Kabotie (1900-1986), Hopi, Shungopavi Village, Second Mesa. Kabotie\'s family, along with others, left the village of Oraibi in 1906 in an effort to escape the Government insistence that they abandon their customs and accept the Anglo ones. They established the village of Hotevilla, but eventually were forced to return to Oraibi and Shungopavi. In 1913, the children were forced to attend Government schools. Kabotie was sent to Santa Fe Indian School as punishment. The good that came from that is that he was encouraged to learn art. He has been a famous Hopi artist ever since. His paintings are rare because he devoted his adult life to helping his people rather than pursuing his own career. He was a full-time teacher, yet he found time to establish the Hopi Silvercraft Guild and to teach the students silver design. He was instrumental in establishing the Hopi Cultural Center and served as its first president. His paintings are eagerly sought by collectors.