Susan Peterson

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Susan Peterson is one of the foremost figures in ceramic art education in the United States.  Since 1950 she has developed ceramic departments and taught at the Wichita Art Association School, the Chouinard Art Institute, the University of Southern California, the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts in California, where she teaches each summer, and Hunter College in New York City, where she is now Professor of Ceramic Art.  Her extensive television film series, Wheels, Kilns and Clay, covers all areas of ceramic technique and is now included in the Public Broadcasting System library.


A practicing potter as well, Mrs. Peterson is a frequent exhibitor in group and one-person shows.  Her work is represented in major museum and private collections.  She authored the books The Living Tradition of Maria MartinezLucy M. Lewis American Indian Potter, [and Pottery by American Indian Women: The Legacy of Generations].

Text Source From book jacket cover by Kodansha International