Barbara H. Perlman

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A native New Yorker, Barbara H. Perlman has played an influential role in the arts and publishing in the Southwest since moving to Arizona in 1964.  She has drawn national attention to regional art achievements via her many award winning reviews and articles about Southwestern artists, art trends and markets, Native American art and experimental art forms.

In 1979 Perlman founded Arizona Arts and Lifestyle, a pioneer magazine dedicated to the arts, with subscribers throughout the Unites States.  Perlman has been a correspondent for ARTnews magazine and has written studies of major Southwestern artists for many other publications.  She has also interviewed and written about nationally known artists, critics, and museum directors.

Perlman holds and M.A. degree in journalism from the University of Oregon and B.A. in fine art from Hood College.  She studied fine art at Pratt Institute and Brooklyn Art Museum in New York, and art history on the graduate level at the University of Oregon and Arizona State University.  She is a frequent art exhibition juror, and lectures on art criticism.